What is another word for hemiascomycetes?

Pronunciation: [hˈɛmɪˌaskəmˌa͡ɪsiːts] (IPA)

Hemiascomycetes is a type of fungi that has various synonyms depending on the classification system. In the older classification, it was referred to as Hemiascomycetes, while in the newer system, it is known as Saccharomycotina. Other common synonyms for this fungi group include Ascomycota, Euascomycetes, and Ascomycotina. Hemiascomycetes are characterized by their production of asexual spores and sexual ascospores, which are produced in the ascus. They are widely distributed, and some species are used in industrial applications such as brewing and baking. Understanding the various synonyms of Hemiascomycetes is vital for better organization and classification of fungal groups.

Synonyms for Hemiascomycetes:

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