What is another word for hemipteran?

Pronunciation: [hˈɛmɪptəɹən] (IPA)

Hemipteran is a word that refers to insects that have piercing and sucking mouthparts. Some other synonyms for hemipteran include true bugs, bug, half-winged, and shield bug. True bugs and bugs are often used interchangeably, but both refer to insects that have a tough, shield-like structure covering their wings and have piercing and sucking mouthparts. Half-winged describes the differences in the texture and size of the forewings and hindwings. Shield bug relates to the shield-like structures on their wings and backs. Overall, these words are great for describing a group of insects that have a common feature.

Synonyms for Hemipteran:

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Usage examples for Hemipteran

05 10. On Trypanosoma triatomae, a New Flagellate from a hemipteran Bug from the Nests of the Wood Rat Neotoma fuscipes, by Charles Atwood Kofoid and Irene McCulloch, Pp.
"The Subspecies of the Mountain Chickadee Vol. 17, No. 17, pp. 505-515"
Joseph Grinnell

Related words: true bug, shield bug, assassin bug, mosquito, tick, ant, spider, waterbug

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