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The word "hers" is used to refer to something that belongs to a female or is associated with her. Synonyms for this term include "her own", "belonging to her", and "in her possession". Another synonym is "herself", which implies that the person in question is the subject of the verb. Other related synonyms include "she", "woman", and "female". The use of synonyms can help to add variety to writing and make it more engaging for readers. It is important to select the right synonym that conveys the intended meaning accurately and clearly.

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How to use "Hers" in context?

"Hers" is an upcoming novel by American author Nina Levine. Published on October 6, 2020, it is a work of fiction based on the true story of American artist Authentication Hannah Stone.

The novel tells the story of Hannah and Josh, a young couple whose lives take a radical turn when Hannah is diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease. The disease sets in motion a intricate web of deception, confusion and pain as Hannah must confront her own demons while also dealing with the expectations of her family and loved ones.

"Hers" is praised for its authenticity and deft exploration of the messy intersections of love, illness and family dynamics.

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