What is another word for hoodlums?

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Hoodlums are often synonymous with the words hooligans, troublemakers, or delinquents. These words refer to individuals or groups that engage in unlawful or disruptive behavior. Other synonyms for hoodlums include ruffians, gangsters, thugs, or vandals. These individuals are known for committing crimes like theft, vandalism, or assault, and often display a lack of respect for authority. The term hoodlums has been used for decades to describe unruly or dangerous individuals, but it's important to remember that not all young people are hoodlums. It's essential to provide opportunities for youth to develop skills and find success, rather than labeling them as hoodlums.

How to use "Hoodlums" in context?

"hoodlums" are a term used to describe people who engage in criminal behavior. This can include anything from simple theft to more serious crimes, such as murder. There can be a variety of reasons why people become hoodlums. Some may become involved in criminal activity because it is attractive to them, others may be forced into it due to poverty or a lack of opportunities. Regardless of the reason, hoodlums bring negative attention and harm to the communities in which they live.

Hoodlums often face strong opposition from law enforcement officials.

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