What is another word for huascaran?

Pronunciation: [hjˈuːɐskˌaɹən] (IPA)

Huascaran is the highest mountain peak in Peru, standing at an impressive 6,768 meters tall. If you're looking for synonyms for this majestic mountain, there are a few options to choose from. In the native Quechua language, Huascaran means "snow guard," and you'll often see it referred to as such. Other synonyms include "snow-capped mountain" or "peak of ice," which allude to the glacial formations that gleam on the mountain's summit. Similarly, "Andean pinnacle" speaks to its location in the Andes mountain range. Whether you call it Huascaran or one of its many synonyms, there's no denying the beauty and power of this natural wonder.

Synonyms for Huascaran:

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