What is another word for Hy?

Pronunciation: [hˈa͡ɪ] (IPA)

Hy is a colloquial contraction of the common greeting "Hey" or "Hi". Its meaning is similar to other informal greetings like "Hello" and "Greetings". If you want to mix it up a bit and sound unique, there are many synonyms for "Hy" that you can use to greet someone. For example, "Howdy" is a popular synonym that is commonly used in the southern United States. Other alternatives include "Yo", "Sup", "Hola" (if you feel like adding a little Spanish flair to your greeting), "Heya", "Wassup", and "Bonjour". These synonyms are great for breaking the ice in social situations and making a strong impression on those you meet.

What are the hypernyms for Hy?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Usage examples for Hy

And too many men of intelligence testify to having seen Hy Brasil at the same moment, when they have been together, or separated, as during the summer of 1908, for it to be explained away as an ordinary illusion of the senses.
"The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries"
W. Y. Evans Wentz
About 563, when in his forty-second year, and accompanied by twelve companions, Columba found a resting-place on the little island of Hy or Iona, off the west coast of Scotland, whence he set himself to the great work of his life-the conversion of the Pictish tribes beyond the Grampians.
"In the Border Country"
W. S. (William Shillinglaw) Crockett
If one manner of behaving was right the other must prove wrong, for as the wise philosopher Ning-Hy was wont to say: "Where the road divides, there stand two Ning-Hys."
"Kai Lung's Golden Hours"
Ernest Bramah Commentator: Hilaire Belloc

Famous quotes with Hy

  • My name translated into Chinese is "Hy Yu"
    Tom Zegan
  • We worked together for seven years. Tenniel and other artists declared I would not work with Carroll for seven weeks! I accepted the challenge, but I, for that purpose, adopted quite a new method. No artist is more matter-of-fact or businesslike than myself: to Carroll I was not Hy. F., but someone else, as was someone else. I was wilful and erratic, bordering on insanity. We therefore got on splendidly.
    Lewis Carroll

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