What is another word for inband?


[ ˈɪnband], [ ˈɪnband], [ ˈɪ_n_b_a_n_d]

"Inband" is a term used in telecommunications to describe a specific type of signaling or data transmission that is integrated within the main communication channel. However, if you are looking for alternative synonyms, you can consider using terms like "integrated", "embedded" or "incorporated". These words convey the idea of something being included or merged within a larger entity. Additionally, you can also utilize phrases like "within the primary channel" or "within the main transmission", to convey the same meaning as "inband". Using these synonyms will help you to diversify your language and make your communication more versatile and engaging.

What are the opposite words for inband?

The word "inband" does not have any established antonyms as it is not a commonly used term in the English language. However, we can create hypothetical antonyms based on the meaning of the word. Inband refers to the transmission of digital signals within a defined bandwidth, so its antonyms could be out-of-band or off-band, which refers to the transmission of signals outside the defined bandwidth. Another possible antonym is "analog," which refers to the transmission of signals through continuous waves rather than digital signals within a defined bandwidth. These antonyms are merely hypothetical and are not established antonyms for the word "inband.

What are the antonyms for Inband?

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