What is another word for inborn?

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Inborn is a term used to describe a characteristic or quality that is present from birth. It is often used to describe innate qualities that are inherent and cannot be taught or learned. However, there are several synonyms for the word inborn that can be used to describe similar qualities. These include natural, innate, inherent, intrinsic, hereditary, and congenital. Each of these words conveys the same basic idea of a characteristic or quality that is present from birth, but they may be used in different contexts depending on the specific quality being discussed.

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    Inborn means something that is present or existing from birth. The antonyms for inborn would be acquired or learned. Acquired means something that is gained or developed through experience, practice, or training. For example, language skills are typically acquired rather than being inborn. Learned means something that is acquired through the process of active mental engagement or study. For instance, mathematical concepts are typically learned through classroom instructions. In summary, while inborn characteristics are present at birth, acquired and learned characteristics develop over time through experience, practice, and instruction.

    Usage examples for Inborn

    He smiled to himself at the strangeness of his fancy's play, but the air of this savage chieftain, this inborn dignity of one conscious of his power, he had seen in but one other person-Good Queen Bess!
    "The Princess Pocahontas"
    Virginia Watson
    I admit that in some measure it requires an inborn gift, and a gift that is by no means a common one.
    "Jane Lends A Hand"
    Shirley Watkins
    These inborn likes and dislikes-which we call instincts-are the forces which have built up this wonderful body-machine of ours in the past and, if properly understood and trained, can be largely trusted to run it in the future.
    "A Handbook of Health"
    Woods Hutchinson

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