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Iridaceae is a family of flowering plants that includes the iris, crocus, and gladiolus. There are several synonyms for this word, including Iridales, Irides, Iridineae, and Irisaceae. These terms are used by botanists to refer to this specific family of plants. Each synonym has a slightly different origin and usage, but they all refer to the same group of plants. The Iridaceae family is known for its ornamental flowers that are popular in gardens and as cut flowers. Many different colors and sizes of flowers grow in this family, making it a versatile and diverse group of plants.

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Iridaceae is a family of flowering plants. Classification may be in family, along with Asteraceae and Poaceae, in supertribe Iridoideae; the Iridaceae are sometimes in tribe Irideae, sometimes in subtribe Iridoideae. They are near the base of the flowering plant family tree and have seeds that are surrounded by a hard outer covering.

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