What is another word for Itself?

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[ ɪtsˈɛlf], [ ɪtsˈɛlf], [ ɪ_t_s_ˈɛ_l_f]

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How to use "Itself" in context?

At first, the very idea of "Itself" seems nonsensical. After all, how can something exist by itself? The answer, of course, is that things exist by being in relation to other things. In fact, it is impossible to think about anything in isolation. Everything is connected to everything else in some way or another.

We use the word "itself" all the time. For example, when we say that someone is working alone, we are talking about themselves. We also use it when we say that something was done on its own. We can also use it when we are talking about things that are not alive.

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