What is another word for jimenez?

Pronunciation: [hɪmˈɛnɛz] (IPA)

Jimenez is a Spanish name that has several synonyms in different languages. In English, Jimenez can be translated as James or Jacob, which are two common names. In French, it can be translated as Jacques or Jacinthe. In Italian, it is Giacomo or Giacinta, and in Portuguese, it is Tiago or Thiago. In the Philippines, Jimenez is a town that is located in the province of Misamis Occidental. In this context, Jimenez can be synonymous with the municipality and its people. Overall, the name Jimenez has many variations across different languages and cultures, making it a unique and diverse surname.

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Usage examples for Jimenez

Juan Isidro jimenez, having been elected President, was inaugurated on the 14th of November.
"Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present"
A revolution in the Dominican Republic toward the close of last year resulted in the installation of President jimenez, whose Government was formally recognized in January.
"Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present"
Madrazo, jimenez, Fradilla, and others, though not of more than national reputation, yet prove that art is not extinct in Spain.
Wentworth Webster

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