What is another word for John Lackland?

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[ d͡ʒˈɒn lˈaklənd], [ d‍ʒˈɒn lˈaklənd], [ dʒ_ˈɒ_n l_ˈa_k_l_ə_n_d]

John Lackland was a nickname given to King John of England in the early 13th century due to his inability to retain lands in France. Another synonym for John Lackland is "Softsword", aka Lanzamon, which referred to the king's supposed lack of military prowess. Some also referred to him as "Bad King John" due to his reputation as a cruel and ineffective ruler, while historians often call him "John the First". Interestingly, some scholars believe that the nickname "Lackland" may have been a reference to John's illegitimate birth status rather than his inability to hold onto land. Regardless, these synonyms all point to the various aspects of King John's controversial reign.

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When John Lackland was of an age where he could make the decision for himself, he chose to become a monastic knight. Serving in the king's military caused him to leave the life of a monk behind and he found himself intrigued with thoughts of knighthood and chivalry. Lackland enrolled in a military school and, as soon as he was able, left to fight in the crusades. After years of experience, Lackland returned to England and re-joined the royal army. He eventually attained the rank of Field Marshal and was known for his excellent military strategies.

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