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Pronunciation: [kˈasa͡ɪt] (IPA)

Kassites were an ancient dynasty that ruled over the Babylonian Empire from 1531 to 1155 BCE. The term "Kassite" is specific to this dynasty and has no direct synonyms in English. However, the Kassites are sometimes referred to as the "Kossaeans," which is a more ancient name for the same people. Additionally, the Kassites were known for their horse culture, so they are sometimes referred to as the "Horse People" or the "Cavalry of the East." Other possible synonyms for the Kassites could include the "Babylonian Kassites," "Kassite Kingdom," or the "Kassite Empire." Overall, these terms all refer to the same ancient civilization that had a significant impact on the development of Mesopotamia.

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    ancient people, a Mesopotamian people, a Near Eastern people, a historical people, an ethnic group.

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Usage examples for Kassite

On their retirement Babylonia, falling into weak native hands, was a prey to a succession of inroads from the kassite mountains beyond Elam, from Elam itself, from the growing Semitic power of Asshur, Babylon's former vassal, from the Hittite Empire founded in Cappadocia about 1500 B.C., from the fresh wave of Arabian overflow which is distinguished as the Aramaean, and from yet another following it, which is usually called Chaldaean; and it was not till almost the close of the twelfth century that one of these intruding elements attained sufficient independence and security of tenure to begin to exalt Babylonia again into a mistress of foreign empire.
"The Ancient East"
D. G. Hogarth
The kassites poured into the Babylonian plain, and kassite kings ruled at Babylon for 576 years and a half.
"Early Israel and the Surrounding Nations"
Archibald Sayce
The kassite conquest destroyed the Babylonian empire; Canaan was lost to it for ever, and eventually became a province of Egypt.
"Early Israel and the Surrounding Nations"
Archibald Sayce

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