What is another word for katar?

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[ kɐtˈɑː], [ kɐtˈɑː], [ k_ɐ_t_ˈɑː]

Katar is a type of traditional Indian dagger with a unique design characterized by its H-shaped handle. Synonyms for katar include 'punch dagger' and 'push dagger.' The punch dagger is a weapon that is held in the fist and can be used to deliver quick thrusts, while the push dagger has a broader blade and can be pushed into an adversary's body using the palm of the hand. Other synonyms for katar include 'bichwa' in Hindi, 'kuttuval' in Malayalam, 'vallamkatti' in Tamil, and 'karudai' in Telugu. Today, katars are primarily used as decorative items or as an accessory in martial arts training.

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    Usage examples for Katar

    The ordinary traga went no farther than a cut on the arm with the katar or crease; the forearms of those who were in the habit of becoming security had generally several cuts from the elbow downwards.
    "The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India Volume II"
    R. V. Russell
    But one of them neither wept nor spoke to her companions, but stood silently watching Khaled, and when he sat down upon a carpet in the chief kahwah of the house, she brought him drink in a goblet set with pearls from katar, and sat down at his feet as though she had been his wife.
    "Khaled, A Tale of Arabia"
    F. Marion Crawford
    Suddenly the Rajput reached into the sash at his belt and drew out his sheathed katar.
    "The Moghul"
    Thomas Hoover

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