What is another word for La La Land?

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[ lˌa lˌa lˈand], [ lˌa lˌa lˈand], [ l_ˌa l_ˌa l_ˈa_n_d]

How to use "La la land" in context?

When Ashton Kutcher and Emma Stone announced they were leaving cult Hollywood sitcom "Two And A Half Men" to pursue their dream of making movies together, the film world went into a frenzy of speculation. But the frenzy pales in comparison to the fervor that has ensued since the release of "La La Land," a sumptuous and poignant musical that has captured hearts and minds all over the world.

La La Land follows the story of aspiring actress Mia (Stone) and jazz musician Sebastian (Kutcher) as they navigate the ups and downs of early post-war Los Angeles.

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