What is another word for empire state?

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[ ˈɛmpa͡ɪ͡ə stˈe͡ɪt], [ ˈɛmpa‍ɪ‍ə stˈe‍ɪt], [ ˈɛ_m_p_aɪə s_t_ˈeɪ_t]

The Empire State is the iconic nickname given to the state of New York, USA. However, there are several synonyms associated with this term, including the "Big Apple," "Gotham City," and "The Empire State Building," which all represent the state's rich cultural and architectural heritage. Other synonyms for the Empire State include "The City That Never Sleeps," "The Land of Opportunity," and "The World's Capital." These terms reflect the state's status as an economic and cultural powerhouse that attracts diverse people and cultures from around the world. Regardless of the synonym used, the Empire State is a place of endless possibilities and diverse experiences.

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