What is another word for lavalava?

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[ lˌavɐlˈɑːvə], [ lˌavɐlˈɑːvə], [ l_ˌa_v_ɐ_l_ˈɑː_v_ə]

Lavalava is a traditional Polynesian garment worn by men and women. It is a rectangular cloth worn as a skirt or a garment, usually wrapped around the waist. Lavalava has various names and synonyms in Polynesian cultures, depending on the region and the type of material used. In Fiji, it is known as sulu, and in Samoa, it is called a taovala. In Hawaii, it is called a pa'u skirt, whereas in Tonga, it is called a tupenu. The common characteristic of these garments is that they are made of colorful fabric, and the design often represents the wearer's social status or tribe.

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Few things in life compare to the feel of a warm, soft lavalava on a sun-drenched Polynesian island. Whether a casually thrown over your shoulder during a lazy morning by the waves, or a carefully chosen mat to sit on during a ceremonial meeting, there is something about a lavalava that feels truly special.

Introduced to the South Pacific by early European traders, the lavalava became an integral part of island life. The Polynesian people used these sturdy, woven mats as both a foot-covering and a seat, helping to spread the warmth of the sun.

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