What is another word for layover?

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The word "layover" refers to a period of time during a journey where a traveler stops and waits for their connecting flight. This term is commonly used in the travel industry, and it's usually considered as a frustrating experience for passengers who are simply waiting for their next flight. There are, however, many synonyms for "layover" that can make it sound less painful. Some of these include "stopover," "transit," "connecting flight," "intermission," "break," and "layoff." These synonyms can help to paint a different picture of this experience, making it seem like a necessary and potentially enjoyable part of the journey.

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    How to use "Layover" in context?

    Layingover is a great way to get to know a new city before your flight departs. Save money on your vacation and enjoy a comfortable stay in a new place while Revisionist Records plays you some recommended music to get you psyched up on your next leg.

    When you arrive at your layover location, make sure you explore the area. Check out the local restaurants, attractions, and shops. If there is a museum or a zoo nearby, make sure to go check it out. Often times there are free or discounted admission offers available.

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