What is another word for loaders?

Pronunciation: [lˈə͡ʊdəz] (IPA)

There are various synonyms for the term "loaders" depending on the context. For instance, in the context of software development, "loaders" may refer to programs that load other programs into memory, and some of the synonyms for such loaders are "bootloader," "loader program," "bootstrap loader," and "program loader." In the context of material handling, loaders may refer to machinery that moves heavy loads, and some of the synonyms in this context include "bucket loader," "wheel loader," "front-end loader," "payloader," and "skip loader." Overall, the appropriate synonym for the term "loaders" depends on the context of use.

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Usage examples for Loaders

"Their rifles were muzzle loaders-I've often and often tried to find just the size ball they used, but I can't find such exact mention of their weapons-but they were light and inefficient single-shot rifles, as we now look at it, even in the hands of exact riflemen, as all those men were.
"The Young Alaskans on the Missouri"
Emerson Hough
Our men were armed with breech-loaders, so that no time was lost in loading.
"In the Track of the Troops"
R.M. Ballantyne
Advancing as far as possible under cover of their bullock-wagons, the Turks began to play their part with vigour, but the Russians opened on them from one of their batteries with shell and shrapnel, whilst the men in the trenches sent a rain of bullets from their Berdan breech-loaders.
"In the Track of the Troops"
R.M. Ballantyne

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