What is another word for lockjaw?

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[ lˈɒkd͡ʒɔː], [ lˈɒkd‍ʒɔː], [ l_ˈɒ_k_dʒ_ɔː]

Lockjaw is a medical condition that is known as tetanus. This condition causes the muscle contractions in the jaw that can lead to difficulties in opening the mouth or chewing food. The term lockjaw can also be described as trismus or spasm of the jaw. Other synonyms include cramping, crick, spasm, or stiffness of the jaw. In some instances, lockjaw can cause serious health complications, including respiratory failure and death. It is recommended that individuals who experience lockjaw seek immediate medical attention to prevent further complications. Fortunately, tetanus can be prevented through vaccination, which is recommended for children and adults.

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Lockjaw is a neurological disorder that causes a blockage of the speech or swallowing muscles. The cause is unknown, but it is often related to trauma to the neck or head. The condition is often permanent, and can be life-threatening. There is no cure, but various treatments are available. Lockjaw is rare, affecting only 1 in every 2,000 people.

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