What is another word for long dozen?

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[ lˈɒŋ dˈʌzən], [ lˈɒŋ dˈʌzən], [ l_ˈɒ_ŋ d_ˈʌ_z_ə_n]

When you hear the phrase "long dozen," you most likely think of 13 items instead of the standard 12. However, there are other phrases that can be used to mean the same thing. One of these synonyms is "baker's dozen," which is derived from the tradition of bakers giving an extra item to their customers to ensure that they received the full amount they paid for. Another synonym is "devil's dozen," which is meant to suggest negativity or bad luck. Other less-popular synonyms include "cheap dozen" (meaning lower quality than a standard dozen) and "long gross" (a unit of 156 instead of the standard 144).

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