What is another word for set?

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When writing, it's important to avoid unnecessary repetition of words. One word that can easily become overused is "set." Fortunately, there are many synonyms for this versatile word. For example, in the sense of arranging or positioning something, "place," "position," "arrange," and "locate" can be used instead of "set." For the meaning of establishing something, consider "establish," "initiate," or "install." Conversely, to signify the cessation or conclusion of something, substitute "finish," "complete," "wrap up," or "conclude." Additionally, those who use "set" to imply persistence can shift to "retain," "continue," "maintain," or "keep" to provide variation. By taking advantage of synonyms, any piece of text can flow more smoothly and avoid repetition.

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    A set is a collection of objects that have a common property. For example, a set might consist of a group of books, or a group of people.

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