What is another word for longhorns?

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Longhorns are a symbol of the cowboy culture and the American West. Synonyms for the term "longhorns" can be used to describe the breed of cattle or as a reference to their iconic horns. Other words that can be used in place of "longhorns" include "Texas longhorn", "cattle with long horns", "horned cattle", or simply "horns". Longhorns possess a distinctive appearance and are known for their resilient nature, making them a popular choice for farmers and ranchers. Whether referring to the actual cattle or their trademark horns, the concept of longhorns is ingrained in the American cowboy mythology.

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    Longhorns are the ultimate Texan icons. Proud, strong, and endlessly adaptable, these unassuming but fiercely independent animals are symbols of the Lone Star state. Long cattle were domesticated in what is now Texas in the 1800s, and the breed quickly became popular for its famed meat. Today, longhorns are used for both commercial farming and ranching, and their herds are scattered throughout the state. Despite their popularity, however, longhorns remain relatively rare, and their continued survival is threatened by North American agriculture's rapidly changing climate.

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