What is another word for lumpfish?

Pronunciation: [lˈʌmpfɪʃ] (IPA)

The lumpfish, also known as Cyclopterus lumpus, is a bony fish that can be found in the cool waters of the North Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic Sea. This fish is known for its strange appearance, which is characterized by a bulbous head, a flattened body and small, sucker-like pelvic fins that allow it to stick to rocks. Synonyms for the word "lumpfish" include lumpsucker, sea hen, and henfish. Lumpsuckers are often used in the food industry due to their high roe yield, which is commonly sold as caviar. In addition, the fish's tough skin is used to make leather goods, while its liver is rich in oil, which can be refined and used as fuel.

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Usage examples for Lumpfish

Down went the trap, an' up she come: not even a lumpfish or a lobser t' grace the labor.
"Every Man for Himself"
Norman Duncan

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