What is another word for magic trick?

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[ mˈad͡ʒɪk tɹˈɪk], [ mˈad‍ʒɪk tɹˈɪk], [ m_ˈa_dʒ_ɪ_k t_ɹ_ˈɪ_k]

A magic trick is an illusion or deception performed by a magician. Some synonyms for magic trick are: 1. Illusion - A trick designed to deceive the viewer's senses or perception. 2. Sleight of hand - A technique used by magicians to manipulate objects with subtle movements. 3. Prestidigitation - A fancy word for magic tricks that are performed with skill and manual dexterity. 4. Conjuring - The art of performing magic tricks, often involving the production of something from nothing. 5. Wizardry - A term that suggests the use of magic or mystical powers to achieve a desired effect. These synonyms can be used interchangeably to describe the various kinds of magic tricks and illusions performed by magicians.

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