What is another word for man-of-war?

Pronunciation: [mˈanɒvwˈɔː] (IPA)

Man-of-war is a term used to describe a type of jellyfish that is found in the sea. It is also known as the bluebottle jellyfish, Portuguese man-of-war, and floating terror. The term man-of-war refers to the jellyfish's appearance which resembles a warship with sails. Some synonyms for man-of-war include jellyfish, cnidarian, stinger, and sea wasp. These creatures are known for their painful sting which can cause serious health problems in some cases. It is important to be cautious when swimming in waters where these creatures are known to live and to seek medical attention if stung.

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Famous quotes with Man-of-war

  • Who knows that, when men-of-war shall be no more, "White-Jacket" may not be quoted to show to the people in the Millennium what a man-of-war was? God hasten the time!
    Herman Melville
  • Camoens! White Jacket, Camoens! Did you ever read him? , I mean? It's the man-of-war epic of the world, my lad. Give me Gama for a commodore, say I—noble Gama! ... How many great men have been sailors, White Jacket! They say Homer himself was once a tar, even as his hero, Ulysses, was both a sailor and a shipwright. I'll swear Shakspeare was once a captain of the forecastle. Do you mind the first scene in , White Jacket? And the world-finder, Christopher Columbus, was a sailor! and so was Camoens, who went to sea with Gama, else we had never had , White Jacket. Yes, I've sailed over the very track that Camoens sailed—round the East Cape into the Indian Ocean. I've been in Don Jose's garden, too, in Macao, and bathed my feet in the blessed dew of the walks where Camoens wandered before me. Yes, White Jacket, and I have seen and sat in the cave at the end of the flowery, winding way, where Camoens, according to tradition, composed certain parts of his . Ay, Camoens was a sailor once!
    Luís de Camões

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