What is another word for mancunian?

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[ mankjˈuːni͡ən], [ mankjˈuːni‍ən], [ m_a_n_k_j_ˈuː_n_iə_n]

"Mancunian" is a term used to describe things or people that are associated with Manchester, England. However, there are several other synonyms that one can use to refer to Mancunians. Some of these include "Manc," which is a popular slang term for people from Manchester. Another commonly used synonym is "Manchesterite". Additionally, some people also use the term "Manchunian" interchangeably with "Mancunian". Furthermore, one can also use the term "Northern" to describe people from Manchester as the city is located in the northern part of England. Other synonymous terms that can be used to refer to people from Manchester include Manchester resident, Mancs, Mancunite, and Mancunianite.

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