What is another word for mande?

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[ mˈand], [ mˈand], [ m_ˈa_n_d]

The word "mande" is not a widely used term in English, but it is possible to find some synonyms that may have similar meanings. One possible synonym is the word "command." This term suggests a sense of control or authority over a situation or group of people. Another possible synonym is the word "order." This term implies a specific instruction or direction to be carried out. Finally, the word "direct" can also be a synonym for "mande," as it conveys the idea of giving clear and straightforward guidance. These synonyms all relate to the concept of issuing instructions or making decisions with authority and control.

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Usage examples for Mande

If you will be guided by me, we should do well to reach the fortifications by way of the Lake of Saint-mande.
"Zibeline, Complete"
Phillipe de Massa Last Updated: March 2, 2009
Porthos, in the meantime, has been recovering from his midnight ride from Belle-Isle at Fouquet's residence at Saint-mande.
"Louise de la Valliere"
Alexandre Dumas, Pere
But after a couple of days passed in this manner, the musketeer, perceiving that nothing serious was likely to arise which would concern him, and that the king had completely, or, at least, appeared to have completely forgotten Paris, Saint-mande, and Belle-Isle-that M. Colbert's mind was occupied with illuminations and fireworks-that for the next month, at least, the ladies had plenty of glances to bestow, and also to receive in exchange-D'Artagnan asked the king for leave of absence for a matter of private business.
"Louise de la Valliere"
Alexandre Dumas, Pere

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