What is another word for manila grass?

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Manila grass, also known as zoysia matrella, is a popular grass species that is commonly found in Southeast Asia. This warm-season grass is known for its dense, lush growth and is often used in landscaping, golf courses, and sports fields. Although it is commonly referred to as manila grass, this grass species is also known as Japanese lawngrass, Korean lawngrass, and templegrass. Zoysia matrella is a slow-growing grass that requires less water than other lawn varieties, making it an excellent drought-resistant option. Other synonyms for this grass species include Emperor grass, Mascarene grass, and Manoa grass. Regardless of its name, this grass is ideal for creating an attractive, low-maintenance lawn.

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Manila grass (Panicum orientale) is a member of the Poaceae family, the grass family. It originates from the Philippines. Manila grass is a perennial grass that can grow to a height of 1 to 2 meters. It has long, slender blades that are glossy green in color. The grass has brown tassels on the tips of the blades and green nodes on the stem. The seeds are contained in a brown achene. The grass is a popular lawnmower grass in the United States.

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