What is another word for martagon?

Pronunciation: [mˈɑːtəɡən] (IPA)

Martagon, also known as the Turk's cap lily, is a stunning flower native to Eurasia. With its unique shape and striking colors, it's no wonder that people seek out synonyms to describe it. The most commonly used words to describe martagon include lily, flower, blossom, petal, and bloom. Other synonyms that capture the beauty and grace of this flower include the Turkish lily, Turk's cap, and Turk's cap lily. Regardless of the synonym used, martagon is a flower that is sure to capture the attention of anyone who comes across it, with its rich history and captivating appearance.

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Usage examples for Martagon

When the animal opens, the arms at first separate without bending outside, so that the whole looks like an inverted pentapod; but gradually the tips of the arms bend outward as the arms diverge more and more, and when fully expanded the crown has the appearance of a lily of the L. martagon type, in which each petal is curved upon itself, the pinnules of the arms spreading laterally more and more, as the crown is more fully open.
"Louis Agassiz: His Life and Correspondence"
Louis Agassiz
It will not perhaps be the common or white lily, but some other representative of the same family-Turk's cap lily, orange lily, scarlet martagon, lancifoliate lily, tiger-spotted lily, golden lily-hailing from the Alps or the Pyrenees, or brought from China or Japan.
"More Hunting Wasps"
J. Henri Fabre

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