What is another word for masse shot?

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[ mˈas ʃˈɒt], [ mˈas ʃˈɒt], [ m_ˈa_s ʃ_ˈɒ_t]

A "masse shot" is a type of shot in pool or billiards that involves striking the cue ball with an angled stroke that causes it to curve around an obstacle ball. Synonyms for this type of shot include "curve shot," "bend shot," "spin shot," or "swerve shot." These terms all refer to the ability of the cue ball to change direction during its path toward the target ball. Masse shots can be difficult to master, but they can be used to make impressive shots that are difficult to defend against. Whether you call it a masse shot, curve shot, or something else entirely, this technique can be a valuable tool in any pool player's arsenal.

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    A masse shot is a shot that is taken when a player has the opportunity to shoot a shot from close range, but instead takes a long uncontested shot that must be redirected or blocked by the defender.

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