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Massed is an adjective that describes a large number of things or people grouped together in a concentrated manner. Some synonyms for massed are assembled, congregated, gathered, clustered, piled, heaped, and stacked. Assembled means to bring together and put in order, while congregated implies a gathering for a specific purpose. Gathered suggests a collection of things or people in one place, while clustered describes things or people grouped together in a compact manner. Piled and heaped indicate a large quantity of things or people stacked on top of each other. Finally, stacked suggests an ordered arrangement of things on top of each other. These synonyms can be used interchangeably with massed to provide variety in your writing.

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Massive is an adjective that typically describes an object or group of objects that is large in size. Something is said to be massive if it is much larger than the size that is common for that type of object or if it is qualitatively different in size from other objects of that type. For example, a building is said to be massive if it is significantly taller and wider than other buildings of its type. Likewise, a group of people is said to be massive if they are more than twice the average size for their group.

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