What is another word for Mastiffs?

Pronunciation: [mˈastɪfs] (IPA)

Mastiffs are large and powerful dogs that are known for their loyalty and protective nature. There are several synonyms that can be used to describe this breed, including Molossers, which is derived from the Greek word "molossus," which means mastiff-like. Another synonym for Mastiffs is Bullmastiffs, a breed that was developed by breeding Bulldogs and Mastiffs together. Other synonyms include Tibetan Mastiffs, Neapolitan Mastiffs, and English Mastiffs. Regardless of the synonym used, Mastiffs are impressive and exceptional dogs that make excellent companions for those who appreciate their size and protective nature.

Usage examples for Mastiffs

She is an aggressive personage, whom her hideous face makes one associate naturally, with Mastiffs; she is surly, like them, and, like them, she exposes herself to the blows of a stick.
"The Memoirs of Madame de Montespan, Volume VI. Being the Historic Memoirs of the Court of Louis XIV."
Madame La Marquise De Montespan
And now here comes the reverend Sanhedrim Of lawyers, priests, and Scribes and Pharisees, Like old and toothless Mastiffs, that can bark But cannot bite, howling their accusations Against a mild enthusiast, who hath preached I know not what new doctrine, being King Of some vague kingdom in the other world, That hath no more to do with Rome and Caesar Than I have with the patriarch Abraham!
"The Complete Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow"
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Two big fierce Danish Mastiffs, half starved, have for years been the old man's only companions, and they guarded the shanty so well that not even a tax-collector could approach.
"White Slaves"
Louis A Banks

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