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Matzah, also spelled matzo or matza, is an unleavened bread made from flour and water. The word matzah has become synonymous with the observance of Passover, as the bread symbolizes the haste with which the Israelites fled Egypt. However, there are several synonyms that refer to this unleavened bread. One synonym is "unleavened bread," which is a general term used to describe any bread made without yeast. Another synonym is "flatbread," as matzah is a thin, flat bread. Some people also refer to matzah as "cracker bread" due to its crisp texture. No matter what you call it, matzah remains an essential part of the Passover Seder and Jewish culture.

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Matzah is a unleavened Passover bread that Jews eat as a ritual gesture of remembrance of the exodus from Egypt. Dough is mixed with salt and water, then shaped into a ball and allowed to restrepeating this process until it is smooth and elastic. The dough is then divided into six equal parts and each is rolled out into a thin sheet. A mesh grater is used to shaving off curls of potato. These curls are then spread evenly across the top of the dough, Cover with another layer of dough, and cut into 12 equal triangles.

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