What is another word for mdiv?

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[ ˈɛmdˈɪv], [ ˈɛmdˈɪv], [ ˈɛ_m_d_ˈɪ_v]

MDiv, short for Master of Divinity, is a postgraduate degree that prepares individuals for various roles in ministry, such as pastors, chaplains, and theologians. Although there are no direct synonyms for MDiv, there are related terms that describe the same field or level of education. These include theology, religious studies, biblical studies, pastoral studies, and divinity. While all these terms have differences, they all refer to the study of religion, and the training of individuals for leadership positions within religious communities. Therefore, individuals pursuing a career in ministry have several options to choose from when it comes to their educational path.

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MDI (Microdeck Interface) is a new standard for MIDI gear from Robin Youngblood and his team at Tone Roads. It is a Protocol standard that USB host controllers, keyboards and audio devices can use to control other MIDI gear. Tone Roads has announced the first devices that support MDI- I/O- the RD-3000 and RD-6000 Gearbox Route processors.

The RD-3000 is a new beefed-up options for stage and studio gear managers. It has all the features of the original RD-2000, but with a larger, backlit display and two extra Inputs and Outputs.

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