What is another word for mebibyte?

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[ mˈɛbɪbˌa͡ɪt], [ mˈɛbɪbˌa‍ɪt], [ m_ˈɛ_b_ɪ_b_ˌaɪ_t]

Mebibyte is a unit of digital information storage and memory that is equal to 2^20 bytes or 1,048,576 bytes. This unit is commonly used in the computer industry to express the size of files, documents, and applications. However, mebibyte has a few synonyms that can be used interchangeably, including megabyte, MiB, and MB. Megabyte is the more commonly recognized synonym, and is technically equal to 10^6 bytes, but it is often used imprecisely to refer to the same quantity of data as a mebibyte. MiB is a symbol that stands for mebibyte, while MB is an abbreviation for megabyte.

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