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Mesic is a term commonly used by ecologists to describe environments that have a moderate level of moisture. However, there are a number of synonyms that can be used in place of mesic when describing specific environments. These synonyms can be helpful for describing different levels and types of moisture, such as "damp," "moist," "humid," and "wet." Other synonyms for mesic might include "saturated," "drenched," "soaked," "soggy," and "marshy." Some synonyms might also be specific to certain environments, such as "littoral" for coastal areas, "riparian" for riverbanks and other wet areas, or "boggy" for marshy regions with high levels of peat.

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mesic forests are forests that are not dry, and are typically found in moist climates. These forests are typically composed of tall trees and understory plants. They tend to have a high diversity of life, and are often home to endangered species.

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      MISI, misic.

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