What is another word for microcephalus?

Pronunciation: [mˌa͡ɪkɹə͡ʊsˈɛfaləs] (IPA)

Microcephalus is a medical term that refers to a condition in which the head size is smaller than the normal size at a particular age and gender. It is also commonly known as microcephaly. Synonyms for the word microcephalus include microcephalic syndrome, small-headedness, and small-brainedness. These terms are used to describe the condition of having an abnormally small head and brain. Microcephalus is often associated with intellectual disability, delayed speech and motor skills, and seizures. It can be caused by various factors including genetics, infections, and environmental factors. Early diagnosis and intervention are important for managing the condition and improving outcomes.

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Usage examples for Microcephalus

P. microcephalus, the Lemon-dab: scales small, smooth, and imbedded; skin slimy, head and mouth very small, colour yellowish brown with large round darker marks.
"Hormones and Heredity"
J. T. Cunningham
One will often find, for example, sound judgment in the subject of a marked paralysis, whilst it is very rare to find that good intelligence co-exists with any degree of microcephalus.
"Mentally Defective Children"
Alfred Binet Théodore Simon

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