What is another word for MOPY?

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[ mˈə͡ʊpi], [ mˈə‍ʊpi], [ m_ˈəʊ_p_i]

The term 'mopy' refers to a low mood or a state of sadness and lethargy. Synonyms for mopy include downcast, dejected, gloomy, disheartened, despondent, melancholic, and depressed. Additionally, the word 'sullen' could also be used to describe someone who is experiencing a mopy mood. Other synonyms that could be used instead of mopy include morose, glum, crestfallen, and doleful. However, it is important to note that each of these synonyms come with their own connotations, and the exact word chosen will depend on the context in which it is used and the intended meaning.

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