What is another word for more than that?

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[ mˈɔː ðɐn ðˈat], [ mˈɔː ðɐn ðˈat], [ m_ˈɔː ð_ɐ_n ð_ˈa_t]

Synonyms for More than that:

How to use "More than that" in context?

What does that mean?

There's more to life than just getting by.

The world is full of so much more to see, do, and experience than we could ever imagine. The accomplishments of our predecessors only scratch the surface of what's possible.

The human race is capable of so much more than simply scraping by. We can be the architects of our own destiny, shaping our own world in ways that are unprecedented and ultimately unforgettable.

There's simply too much to explore for us to ever be content with just "more than that.

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