What is another word for supplemental?

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The word "supplemental" is often used to describe something that complements or adds to something else. However, if you're looking to avoid repetition or want to use a more descriptive word, there are a variety of synonyms to choose from. "Additional", "extra", "further", "complementary", and "supplementary" are all great options. "Auxiliary", "ancillary", "accessory", and "supporting" are also strong synonyms. Depending on the context of your writing, other words such as "secondary", "subsidiary", or "adjunct" may be more appropriate. It's important to choose a synonym that best fits the tone and purpose of your writing.

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How to use "Supplemental" in context?


supplemental breakfasts are essential to keeping you on track throughout the day. They provide essential nutrients and energy to help you stay focused and productive. Some of the most popular supplemental breakfasts include:

• Smoothies and juices

• Cereal and eggs

•asted nuts and seeds

• Nutritional bars

The best way to incorporate supplemental breakfasts into your diet is to find a variety that fit your preferences and diet. Consider what works best for you and what you find easy to stomach.

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