What is another word for most out-of-key?

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[ mˈə͡ʊst ˌa͡ʊtəvkˈiː], [ mˈə‍ʊst ˌa‍ʊtəvkˈiː], [ m_ˈəʊ_s_t ˌaʊ_t_ə_v_k_ˈiː]

The phrase "most out-of-key" can be replaced with synonyms such as dissonant, jarring, off-pitch or off-tune, and discordant. Dissonant is a term used to describe a sound that is unpleasant or strident. Jarring refers to a sound that is sudden and out of place, causing discomfort or shock to the listener. Off-pitch or off-tune indicates a note or sound that is not in harmony with others, resulting in an unpleasant auditory experience. Lastly, discordant is a term that specifically refers to the lack of musical harmony, producing an unsettled and chaotic sound. All these synonyms can be utilized to describe music or sounds that are not harmonious or are unpleasant to the ear.

How to use "Most out-of-key" in context?


The most "out-of-key" movie ever made has to be "The Room." Released in 2003, it is a poorly made and laughably bad spoof of classic "horror" movies. Despite this, it became a cult classic and is still watched by many people to this day.

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