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[ dɪskˈɔːdənt], [ dɪskˈɔːdənt], [ d_ɪ_s_k_ˈɔː_d_ə_n_t]

Discordant is an adjective often used to describe things that are not in agreement or that do not harmonize well. Some synonyms for discordant include unharmonious, dissonant, disharmonious, cacophonous, jarring, clashing, incongruous, inconsistent, and conflicting. Unharmonious implies a lack of agreement or compatibility between two or more things. Dissonant refers to sounds that are harsh and lack harmony. Disharmonious is synonymous with unharmonious and implies a lack of agreement or compatibility. Cacophonous describes sounds that are harsh and unpleasant to hear. Jarring suggests a sudden or unpleasant contrast between two or more things. Clashing is used to describe things that are in direct opposition and cannot be reconciled. Incongruous and inconsistent are used to describe things that do not fit or belong together.

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How to use "Discordant" in context?

The word "discordant" refers to something that is not in agreement or harmony. When things are discordant, it is not in line with the other elements. It can be jarring or disruptive. There are many different things that can be discordant, and they can exist in both animate and inanimate objects. In some cases, discordant elements can be fun and exciting. In others, they can be upsetting or even dangerous. There are a few different examples of discordant elements. One example is discordant music. It can be exciting and challenging, but it can also be jarring or disruptive. Discordant noises can also be disruptive.

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