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"Mouton" is a French word that translates to "sheep" in English. However, there are several synonyms for the word "mouton" that can be used to describe different kinds of sheep. For example, "agneau" is a young sheep or a lamb, "belier" refers to a male sheep, and "brebis" is a female sheep. Other synonyms include "ovin" which refers to any type of sheep, and "toison" which refers to the fleece of a sheep. Additionally, in certain contexts, the word "mouton" can also be used to describe someone who blindly follows others, giving rise to the expression "mouton de Panurge.".

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    Usage examples for Mouton

    Wilfred had already hired a room for us both on the sixth floor of the Pied de mouton Tavern, which stood halfway down the Holdergasse, and for it he was to pay four kreutzers a day.
    "The Dean's Watch 1897"
    On the right of the wall was the yard of a pork butcher; on the left, the inn yard of the Pied de mouton.
    "The Dean's Watch 1897"
    "But in the meantime you have got to change the German wolf into the petit mouton.
    "The Rough Road"
    William John Locke

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