What is another word for musth?

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"Musth" refers to a temporary state of heightened aggression and sexual activity experienced by male elephants during mating season. Other synonyms for this term include "rut" and "reproductive frenzy." While the scientific term for this phenomenon is "musth," it has been described in different ways across cultures and languages. In Hindi, it is called "mast," which translates to "ecstasy." The Swahili word for musth is "tembo" while in Tamil, it is known as "thottam." The diversity of terms shows the significance of musth in various cultures and the need to understand and respect the behavior of these majestic animals.

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      Animal Behavior, Reproductive Behavior, aggressive behavior, Endocrine system response, Hormone-driven behavior, Male behavior, Seasonal behavior, Testosterone-driven behavior.

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    What was it the Mahometan syce the musth elephant killed at Bhurtpore said about his wife?
    "The Dop Doctor"
    Clotilde Inez Mary Graves

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