What is another word for Myotis Velifer?

Pronunciation: [ma͡ɪˈə͡ʊtiz vˈɛlɪfə] (IPA)

Myotis Velifer, commonly known as the Cave myotis, is a small bat species native to North America. The scientific name "Myotis" means "mouse-eared", while "Velifer" refers to its habit of living in caves. This bat species is also often referred to as the "Eastern Cave myotis" and "Texas Cave myotis". It is a nocturnal animal and feeds on insects, particularly moths and beetles. The Cave myotis is an important species in cave ecosystems and can be found in various types of caves, including limestone, sandstone, and lava caves. Conservation efforts are in place to ensure the continued survival of this important bat species.

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