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The word "bat" has several synonyms, each with their own unique connotations and uses. One synonym for "bat" is "club," which can refer to a wooden or metal instrument used in sports such as baseball or cricket. Another synonym, "flying fox," refers to a type of bat with large ears and a fox-like appearance. "Chiropteran" is another synonym, which is a scientific term that refers to all species of bats. "Flutterer" is a less common synonym for bats that describes their distinctive wing movements. No matter the synonym used, bats remain fascinating creatures that play an important role in our ecosystem.

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    The word "bat" has a number of meanings, but all involve flying creatures. The primary meaning, of course, is that of a flying mammal, such as a bat. Bat wings are unusually large and fatty for their body size, making them efficient bats for flying. Many other animals also use their wings for flying, but bats are the primary users.

    Bat flight is an interesting phenomenon. In flight, the bat channels the wind beneath its wings to create lift, much like a kite. As the wind opposes the motion of the wings, the bat is suspended in the air.

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