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The word "naga" has a variety of synonyms that can be used to describe this mythical creature. Some common synonyms for naga include serpent, dragon, and snake. Other synonyms for naga can depend on the context or cultural reference, such as cobra, sea serpent, or specifically the multi-headed serpent of Hindu mythology. In Buddhism, naga refers to a class of entities that include serpent-like beings who protect Buddhism and human beings on a spiritual level. In different contexts, the word naga can evoke different meanings that influence how it is interpreted and what synonyms might be most apt.

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The naga (sometimes nagaa, nagaah, naggaa) are a among several serpentine water snakes. They are easily distinguished from other water snakes by their long, thin body and their characteristic hood or "nape" of extruded flesh. Some authorities place the naga in its own family, Nagaenidae, while other taxonomists place them in the subfamily of Colubridae.

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