What is another word for nationalists?

Pronunciation: [nˈaʃənəlˌɪsts] (IPA)

Nationalists are individuals who hold strong beliefs in the importance of their country, culture, and values, often to the point of advocating for the interests of their nation above those of other countries. Synonyms for nationalists include patriots, chauvinists, jingoists, and xenophobes. Patriots are individuals who exhibit unwavering loyalty and devotion to their country. Chauvinists often promote extreme and uncritical nationalism. Jingoists are individuals who advocate for a strong military presence and are frequently belligerent towards other countries. Xenophobes are individuals who exhibit fear, distrust, and hostility towards foreigners or strangers. It is important to note that while all of these terms are synonyms for nationalists, not all nationalists necessarily hold extreme or xenophobic beliefs.

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The word "nationalists" refers to individuals who advocate the interests and unity of a particular nation. Opponents of such individuals can be described as "internationalists," who instead prioritize global unity and cooperation. Another antonym for "nationalists" is "cosmopolitans," who prioritize the interests of humanity as a whole, rather than those of a particular nation. "Skeptics" are those who question the notion of nationalism itself, challenging its underlying assumptions and advocating a more nuanced understanding of identity and community. Meanwhile, "regionalists" are individuals who prioritize the interests of a particular local area or region over those of the nation as a whole. Overall, these antonyms signify the diversity of perspectives and priorities that exist around the issue of national identity and unity.

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Usage examples for Nationalists

His mind was not yet definitely made up on the matter of revision, and he gave concessions to the nationalists by appointing as Minister of War Godefroy Cavaignac.
"A History of the Third French Republic"
C. H. C. Wright
On the right of Irish nationalists fought the Ulstermen, keeping in absolute line with their comrades-in-arms, in friendly rivalry with them to give glory to Ireland.
"From Bapaume to Passchendaele, 1917"
Philip Gibbs
During the years in which he was at the head of the National Movement practically all sections of nationalists acknowledged his leadership and his policy.
"The Evolution of Sinn Fein"
Robert Mitchell Henry

Famous quotes with Nationalists

  • Some of those drawn into the holy war had been secular nationalists only a few years before. If one looks at the biographies of these people, remarkable continuities are revealed.
    Jurgen Habermas
  • I'm criticized by the feminists, by the Jewish establishment, by Canadian nationalists. And why not? I've had my pot shots at them. I'm fair game.
    Mordecai Richler
  • I think many people were surprised by the victory of the Congress, because it was really hard to see beyond the sort of haze of hatred that the Hindu nationalists had been spreading.
    Arundhati Roy
  • What do the nationalists say about killers punishing murderers and thieves sentencing looters
    Kahlil Gibran
  • Yet the truth is more complexKoreans subscribed to a Confucian worldview that posited their country in a position of permanent subservience to the Middle KingdomFor all their xenophobia, the Koreans were no nationalists
    Brian Reynolds Myers

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