What is another word for neat's-foot oil?

Pronunciation: [nˈiːtsfˈʊt ˈɔ͡ɪl] (IPA)

Neat's-foot oil is a popular oil used to condition and protect leather. But did you know there are other synonyms for this versatile oil? One of them is ox-foot oil, which is made from the feet of oxen and has similar benefits as neat's-foot oil. Another synonym is calf's-foot oil, which is made from the feet of young calves and is also commonly used for leather conditioning. Additionally, bone oil is a synonym that refers to the oil made from boiling the bones of an animal, typically cattle or sheep. All of these oils are great for softening and preserving leather, making them ideal options to use for your leather goods.

Synonyms for Neat's-foot oil:

What are the hypernyms for Neat's-foot oil?

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